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We are Mastello

This is who we are. Originally a family company with big dreams. Young at heart and with an unconditional love for family and design. We are open to each other and to you, our customer, and have a down-to-earth attitude: "what you see is what you get." We like to continually develop and innovate. To that end, we closely follow new products, applications and trends.
Our goal is to make designer sanitary accessories accessible for any bathroom lover. We do this by selecting high-quality yet affordable products. Our products come from different locations across the globe, from Italy to Indonesia and Australia. And if it is up to us, we go for the most sustainable option, whether it is about material choices, a product's lifespan, or the production method.

We personalise.

We want to help you furnish your bathroom based on what you like, what makes you happy. Because to us, a bathroom is not just a functional space, but an extension of your personality. Consider us consultants rather than dyed-in-the-wool salespeople. We give you the information you need to make your own choices. We also like to give you inspiration, combining our products to maybe make you change your mind. If we do: mission accomplished!

Our history

Our team

The faces behind Mastello

  • Dennis Jansen

    His creative brain is hypersensitive to trends & product development.

  • Mark Jansen

    With a first name like that, you just have to work in marketing.

  • Rick Husman

    His service and product knowledge surpass his ever-present smile.

  • Sophie Boshuizen

    No surprise that she's extra content with the webshop.

  • Chris Doornekamp

    Our packer who knows all about rolling up your sleeves and handicrafts.

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